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Southern NH OBU is presented 2010 Community Service Award

The UNH Presidents Commission on the Status of People of Color presented its 2010 Community Service Award to Southern New Hampshire Outreach for Black Unity (OBU) of Nashua.

They were recognized for their outstanding contributions to promoting equity by bringing new awareness to the community and promoting equal educational and employment opportunities.

OBU began its journey as a social organization as a support system for Blacks in Southern NH. They quickly increased in size to begin their existence as a formal organization in December of 1984, and they began to tackle issues of discrimination in the public school system, developed diversity training for human resource departments and worked on legislative proposals.

Through their OBU Lydia Mann Scholarship Fund and partnership with Rivier College, OBU has been instrumental in assisting over 55 young people in attending college. One of their early successes was the mobilization of the community to testify at the legislative hearings to recognize MLK Day in NH, the last state in the nation to adopt the holiday.

Other achievements include participating as trainers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Pre-College Studies (STEPS) program for youth, encouraging children to strive for careers in science and mathematics; serving as facilitators for the Financial Literacy Workshops for minority and low-income families to learn budgets, tax filing, and checkbook maintenance; providing diversity training; and providing prevention education on diabetes and hypertension.

Linda Gathright is the Chair of the organization.

Commission Co-chair JerriAnne Boggis spoke for the Commission saying, As the award reads, The high road to service is traveled with integrity, compassion and understanding. The community recognizes the work of OBU as an inspiration to all of us. It is, therefore, the Commissions great honor to present its 2010 award to an organization making a difference with individuals, programs and policies. Congratulations to all of you.

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